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It’s Friday! From Google and Bing updates to the most popular social media platforms, we’ve got you covered on all industry updates for the week!

  • Google Launches AdWords Conversion Data Import Solution for Salesforce by Ginny Marvin
    • Google has launced a new tool that helps AdWords conversion data connect with Salesforce so that marketers can tie search campaigns to the actual closed sale. Through the GCLID, the two linked accounts can easily track a conversions from AdWords to Salesforce seamlessly. AdWords says it will regularly check the Salesforce account to see if there are any important milestones to record.
  • Bing Ads to Support Expanded Text Ads: Shows New Ads Creator UI by Ginny Marvin
    • Bing has followed Google’s footsteps with the Expanded Text Ads. Later this summer, both search engines will be testing these longer text ad formats, so advertisers won’t have to straddle the new and old world of text ads for long. Both engines will follow the same format of 30-character headlines and 80-character ad texts.
  • #SnapChat Out Grows Twitter by Danielle Antosz
    • SnapChat has exceeded Twitter’s 136 million active daily users by over 14 million. 150 million people are now Snapchatting every day, and it has become the fastest growing social platform to date. What does this mean for brands? Many brands are already seeing positive results from Snapchat, brands have started to create content that seems casual and authentic to users.
  • Google Releases More Efficient Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool by Matt Southern
    • Google has released a testing tool that helps gage your site’s mobile friendliness score, mobile page speed score, and desktop page speed score. This tool will score your site from good to poor, and stress the importance of all the three categories. To test your site, click here!

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