Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

Happy Friday! Keeping up with all of our industry’s updates is hard, but we’ve got you covered on some of the most important ones that have been happening this week!

  • Google Rolling Out Price Extensions for Mobile Text Ads by Ginny Marvin 
    • Google will now be offering new extensions to help advertisers showcase their services, products, and prices on AdWords text ads. Ginny Marvin talks about how to set up these price extensions and important eligibility details about the new extension.
  • Expanded Text Ads: Are They Living Up To The Hype? by Laura Collins
    • As many ads are now transitioning to expanded text ad format, everyone is asking why the sudden change? This article talks about the reasons behind Google’s decision, how ETAs are impacting accounts, and things to remember when starting to test out these ads.
  • Soon, Import Call Conversion Data into AdWords for Better Attribution & Optimization by Ginny Marvin 
    • Advertisers will soon be able to track calls that are generated from AdWords ads for better attribution and campaign optimization. Jordan Jones, Associate Director of Performance Digital at UM told Google, “Even though it’s still early, since including imported call conversions into campaign optimization, we’ve been able to increase spend on top-performing, call-driving terms by nearly 3X.” Read more about the newest Google update.
  • New Insights on the Customer Decision Journey by John Cosley
    • Learn about the newest discoveries of the customer decision journey and how you can use this information to optimize your campaigns. Fully understanding what type of journey your customer is taking can help you invest in tools that will capture your target audiences.

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