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Happy Friday! This week we focus on everything from the 2015 US digital ad revenue report to the newest Google trends that are making branded PPC ads more expensive. We have all your industry updates to help you catch up for the week!

  • US Digital Ad Revenues Top $59.6 Billion in 2015, Up 20 Percent to Hit Another High by Ginny Marvin 
    • Last week, the IAB released the 2015 digital ad revenue for the US market full report. This article gives you a breakdown of the categories that increased or decreased in revenue. Mobile ad revenue was approximately 35% of the 2015 total, where desktop-based paid search decreased 4%, from 38% to 34%. Overall paid search made about $29.2 billion, which represented about 49% of the total digital ad revenue in 2015.
  • Analyzing Facebook Performance Thru Multi Channel Funnels by Chadd Powell
    • Chadd gives a few pointers when it comes to analyzing Facebook performance. He talks about the conflicts you may come across when measuring performance and how to overcome those obstacles. From oversimplifying human behavior to the interactions with customers and your ads, Chadd digs into Google Analytics to help him in Facebook performance.
  • In New Test for Google Text Ads, Headlines are Expanded Without Sacrificing Ad Copy by Ginny Marvin
    • Google recently is starting to test a new format, “Expanded Text Ads,” which will feature longer headlines. Along with the 80-character count of the description copy, there will be a double headline and dual display URL’s. Stay tuned for more regularly tested ad formats to come!
  • Trend Observation: Branded PPC Ads Getting More Expensive by Thomas Stern
    • Thomas and his team discuss their recent observations ever since the change to paid ad layouts. They noticed that with many branded PPC campaigns, there is an increase in bidding just to maintain position and search engagement. This is the result of Google perhaps allowing competitors to improve their Quality Scores and compete against the branded terms. Read more about Thomas’s research here.

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