Point Taken – Weekly Industry Update

Happy Friday! Check out key news on what happened at the Google Performance Summit this week and all the new testing that Google has been doing recently. This week we’ve got you covered in all our industry’s updates!

  • Google Adwords to Break Up Tablet & Desktop and Enable a Mobile Base Bid by Ginny Marvin

    • Google announced, at the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco, that advertisers will now be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type, including mobile, desktop, and tablet. This means that device bidding will apply to all campaign types, even when keyword targeting isn’t being used. Learn more about the newest Google changes here.
  • A Sneak Preview of the New AdWords Interface by Larry Kim
    • Larry Kim gives you the first insight into the new AdWords interface that will be coming in 2017. Nearly half built, the new interface focuses on three principles: data at your fingertips, focusing more on your business, and making it powerful, yet simple to use. Larry also gives a glimpse into the new visual dashboards, the new application navigation system, and much more!
  • Google’s Recent SERP Changes and Tests: Everything You Need To Know by Rebecca Sentance
    • In addition to extending title tags and changing sitelinks from blue to black, Rebecca Sentance talks about the many changes that Google has been testing. Read more about all of Google’s new SERP changes.
  • Google Now Handles at least 2 Trillion Searches per Year by Danny Sullivan
    • Although Google will not admit the exact number of searches they have per year, they did confirm that the number was in the trillions! Danny gives a historical breakdown of how they came to this number, and what it means for the future.

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