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Happy Friday! Along with celebrating the first official weekend of summer, we have quite a bit of exciting news and noteworthy articles in this week’s industry round-up. The highly-anticipated Mary Meeker’s Report and images of the new and improved Google Analytics home screen are just a couple of things in store for this week. Also included are articles from Thomas Stern and Sana Ansari who shed valuable insight on how you can enhance your digital marketing.

  • Meeker’s Report on the State of Advertising and Ad Trends to Watch Out for by Tereza Litsa
    • Mary Meeker’s highly anticipated annual Internet Trends Report released just a few weeks ago, and covered all of the major shifts that are currently being seen in the digital economy, as well as forecasting what the future may hold. Tereza Litsa shares some of the key highlights from the section on online advertising and commerce, such as the exponential rise of mobile advertising, the challenge of measuring ROI, and who’s dominating overall advertising growth. Check it out!
  • How SEO Can Create Budget Efficiencies in Paid Search Campaigns by Thomas Stern
    • While some may question the need to invest in paid media when they already rank in position one for organic search results, there is an undeniable and beneficial connection between SEO and PPC. In an article rich with data based evidence, Thomas Stern shows that when used together, SEO and PPC can not only achieve the marketing outcomes you desire, but also fatten that bottom line.
  • New Google Analytics Home Screen Now Available to 50% of Users by Matt Southern
    • Google has been testing a new home screen design for Google Analytics since earlier this year, and recently a Google Analytics Project Manager has confirmed that the updated home screen is now available to 50% of all users. The home screen was redesigned to provide users with instant access to the data they care about, but only time will tell when the remaining GA users will be given access to this updated version.
  • Top 4 Mistakes Ecommerce Marketers are Still Making by Sana Ansari
    • According to Sana Ansari, there are four major mistakes being made that are causing ecommerce marketers to miss major opportunities when taking over new client accounts. Along with pointing out what she sees ecommerce marketers doing wrong, Sana provides insightful solutions on how to tackle each mistake and remedy it ASAP. If you’re an ecommerce marketer, be sure to give this a read!

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