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Happy Friday! As this week draws to a close, we bring you another industry round-up of all of the latest news in the world of search.

  • Google Posts: Growing Under the Radar by Simon Ensor
    • Despite not actually being named Google Posts by Google, this recent feature has been growing and with it comes great opportunities for small businesses that have a Google My Business Account. Simon Ensor goes into deep detail of what exactly Google Posts is, what you can do with this feature, and how it can help your business.
  • Google Has a New “Follow” Button in Search Results by Matt Southern
    • To build off the feed feature that Google launched this past December, they are now adding a “follow” option to allow searchers to select what content shows up on their personalized feed. This content can include movies, TV shows, sports teams, musicians, and more.
  • Google Asks Some Searchers to Tag Movies with Critic Statements by Barry Schwartz
    • Google is currently testing a new feature with movie searches by asking some searchers to have their say about the movie and vote for tags such as “strong acting”, “over-hyped”, and others. In doing so, Google hopes to aid in the movie selection process for those looking for something to watch. Check out Barry’s article for images of what the tag-voting process looks like on-screen.
  • Get the Google Analytics Data You Need Using Natural Language Queries by Matt Southern
    • Getting a hold of the Google Analytics data you care about is now as easy as simply asking for it—literally. Natural language queries have now been brought to Google Analytics, which allows users who are not fluent in GA to access the data they need conveniently and efficiently. Be sure to check out Matt’s piece for a more in-depth peek!

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