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Happy Friday everyone! To cap off another beautiful week this summer we have our weekly industry-round up. In this week’s edition we have updates to Google AdWords and Search, as well as a couple of interesting reads about Facebook Ads and the 25 most expensive keywords on AdWords. Enjoy!

  • Google Intros New Call Bid Adjustments in AdWords by Ginny Marvin
    • A brand new bid adjustment has just been added to AdWords, and it is specifically for calls. Now, advertisers can choose how often call information appears in mobile search ads. Ginny goes into more detail of how to access this tool and what it’s implications might be.
  • Google Has Dropped Google Instant Search by Barry Schwartz
    • Google Instant Search was big news when it first came to the search engine. It was proclaimed to be the beginning of a “fundamental shift in search”. However, with the changes in how searchers use mobile, Google has now removed Google Instant Search altogether. Check out Barry’s piece to read more on why Google made this decision.
  • How to Understand Facebook Ads After Life in PPC by Susan Wenograd
    • With clients more and more frequently requesting their paid search practitioners to run Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s vital to understand that Facebook Ads is a beast of its own. The transition is often brutal, and many mistakes are made, but Susan Wenograd outlines what the most common mistakes are and how you can avoid them. Let’s make that transition to Facebook Ads a little less stressful.
  • The 25 Most Expensive AdWords Keywords (And Why They’re So $$$) by Elisa Gabbert
    • In this interesting read, Elisa not only goes into what the most expensive keywords are, but also breaks down and explains why these keywords go for so much. She discusses the different types of industries these keywords belong to, and why some industries might cost more than others. There’s even a couple of keywords on there that you would not expect at all!

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