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Happy Friday! In this week’s industry round-up we have a lot of exciting updates coming to both Google and Bing. These include Google increasing the number of sitelinks an ad shows, brand new features in AdWords, and Bing rolling out Dynamic Search Ads to all US advertisers. Also included this week is an interesting read on the effectiveness of phrase match keywords.

  • Google AdWords Doubles the Number of Sitelinks on Search Ads by Barry Schwartz
    • Recently, Google updated AdWords sitelinks and turned them into a carousel tappable format. However, coming with this change is another new change, as Google has now doubled the number of sitelinks one can show from four to eight. With this, advertisers can now show more information and draw searchers to a wider variety of specific pages.
  • Google AdWords Highlights Popular Search Terms Used to Find Your Website by Matt Southern
    • Google has added a new features to AdWords in the form of a ‘Searches’ card. The ‘Searches’ card can be found on the Overview page of AdWords and displays the popular words and phrases that searchers are using to find your business’ website. Check out Matt Southern’s article as he goes into more detail of what this ‘Searches’ card can offer advertisers in terms of insight and value.
  • Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads Now Available to All US Advertisers by Matt Southern
    • After being in testing since last year, Dynamic Search Ads for Bing are finally here. Much like Google’s Dynamic Search Ads, Bing’s DSA’s will allow advertisers to create ad units based on site content to tailor to audiences. For more on what advertisers can do with Dynamic Search Ads and how they work, follow the link to Matt’s piece.
  • Phrase Match is Dead. Long Live Phrase Match! by Steve Cameron
    • In this interesting and insightful read, Steve Cameron digs a little deeper into the exaggerations of the so-called “demise” of phrase match, and brings in multiple credible outside sources from the marketing world to “de-bunk” these exaggerations and illustrate the point that phrase match is not dead. In fact, it remains to be holding its own and proving to be an asset to any advertiser.


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