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Happy Friday! Much like the leaves, and unfortunately the temperature, a lot of change is happening in the world of SEO and SEM as we enter this fall season. Featured in this week’s industry round-up are reports of upcoming changes to smart speakers, the new AdWords, and an insightful read on SEO trends to watch this upcoming year.

  • AdWords Rolls Out New Interface to All Advertisers by Susan Wenograd
    • After a gradual rollout over the past several months, Google has announced that the new AdWords interface is now available to all advertisers. The updated AdWords features a guided tour to get familiar with the interface, which includes new features for data visualization, performance monitoring, and more.
  • Target Expands Voice-Commerce Relationship with Google to Battle Amazon by Greg Sterling
    • To continue competing with Amazon, Google recently announced nationwide expansion of its Google Express relationship with Target. US users will now be able to utilize voice commands through their Google Assistant or Google Home to shop for items and have them delivered with same-day shipping. Voice-based shopping is a key point of differentiation from Amazon’s smart speaker capabilities, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out for Google in their attempt to capture more of this growing market.
  • Echo and Home Will Probably Have to Tell You They’re Always Listening—in Europe by Greg Sterling
    • It was recently discovered that a number of early Google Home Mini devices that were given to members of the press came with a notable defect: they would record everything being said around them. This is undoubtedly a privacy concern on a range of levels, and it will be interesting to see what effects the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation in Europe will have on privacy issues such as this and on the smart speaker industry in general. For anyone who owns a smart speaker, do you worry about what kinds/the amount of personal information these companies might be collecting?
  • Seven SEO Trends to Watch in 2018 by Tereza Litsa
    • With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking ahead, and Tereza Litsa has put together an extremely thorough and insightful article on seven SEO trends to keep an eye on to stay ahead of the curve. Some of these trends have been emerging in just the last year or two, and will only garner more prominence in the new year. These trends include voice search and digital assistants, link building, user experience, featured snippets and quick answers, mobile-first indexes, the rise of visual search, and AI and machine learning. Give it a read and let us know what you think will be the most significant trend this upcoming year.

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