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Another Friday, another Point It weekly industry round-up! This week’s edition features a variety of news, from the hot topic of Bitcoin and its potential to shake up the search marketing industry, to new features rolled out to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Also included this week is a note-worthy piece on how to make the most of Google’s recent changes to sitelinks. Happy reading and happy weekend!

  • How Blockchain will Impact Search Marketing by Tony Edward
    • If you’ve heard about Bitcoin, then you’ve probably heard the term blockchain thrown around. In short, blockchain is a public, incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions—but it is so much more. Blockchain verifies every transaction comes from a 100% genuine user, and what that means for advertisers is that if they can advertise through blockchain-based digital identification systems, then they can guarantee their clicks are 100% valid. Given how much money ad fraud costs the advertising industry, blockchain is certainly seen as a potential solution for the future. For more insight into blockchain and how it may shake things up for SEM and SEO, I highly recommend checking out Tony’s piece.
  • Bing Ads Launches Multi-Linking for Multiple-Account Management by Susan Wenograd
    • To remedy frustrations that existed around managing multiple accounts at once, Bing has rolled out a new system called “Multi-Linking”. More streamlined and intuitive, “Multi-Linking” will allow accounts to have up to five managing entities, and make account transitioning and reporting hassle-free. Check out the article for more details into how Multi-Link will improve multiple account management for clients and agencies alike.
  • Google AdWords ‘Days to Conversion’ Shows How Long It Will Take an Ad to Convert by Matt Southern
    • Google has introduced a new report in AdWords that will allow advertisers to see roughly how long it takes users to convert after clicking on an ad. Since not every ad click leads to an immediate conversion, this data will be vital in evaluating the success of your campaigns.
  • Getting the Most Out of Google’s New Sitelinks by Matt Lawson
    • Back in August, Google updated the way sitelinks look and function on your ad. To ensure you are making the most of these changes and maximizing your clicks, Matt Lawson has come up with a few key points on how to adapt your sitelinks. Check it out!

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