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Welcome to the weekend! This week’s industry round-up includes a variety of new ad features for Google and Facebook—from ad copy creation features to display ads—as well as an exciting new conversion-tracking snap pixel for Snapchat. Enjoy!

  • Google AdWords Introduces Ad Unit for In-Store Products by Matt Southern
    • While Google’s ads typically spotlight products and services that can be ordered online, Google recently announced that it will be introducing local display ads for highlighting in-store products and sales. This is an interesting approach to display ads, as rather than driving online traffic, the goal of these local display ads will be to drive more foot traffic.
  • 2 New AdWords Features & 1 Awesome Strategy You Must Know by Lisa Raehsler
    • As you can tell from the title of this article, some new features have come to AdWords. The first is a change to the daily budget. The new budget setting allows for up to double the daily setting to accommodate and take advantage of the variances in daily search traffic. The second new feature is an updated iteration of Google’s Ads Added by AdWords. Dubbed the Ads Suggestion Beta, this feature will take existing ad copy and create new versions that it predicts will convert better. For more details on these new features and a look at a bidding strategy to outrank competitors, be sure to check out Lisa’s article!
  • Snapchat Rolls Out Conversion-Tracking Snap Pixel for Brands to Tie Site Traffic to In-App Ads by Tim Peterson
    • Heading into the holiday season, Snapchat recently unveiled the Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking tool for brands to measure how their ads on snapchat may have impacted traffic on their sites. This is a big play from Snapchat, who is looking to compete against the likes of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more share of brands’ marketing budgets. Do you think Snapchat has what it takes to become a major player in digital marketing?
  • Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Can Generate Up to 6,250 Versions of an Ad by Tim Peterson
    • Similar to Google’s Ads Suggestion Beta mentioned earlier, Facebook is rolling out a way for brands to automatically create thousands of variations of an ad that will vary in content based on who they are shown to and where they appear. For more on the specifications and details of Facebook’s new dynamic creative tool, follow the link to Tim’s piece.

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