Point Taken – Weekly Industry Updates

It’s Friday! Hope everyone is excited for the weekend, but better yet for all the industry updates that are happening this week! We’ve got you covered from everything that happened in Pubcon Austin, to new search engines in China.

  • 5 Insane Marketing Stats Unearthed at #PubconAustin by Erin Sagin
    • Last week Erin revealed some key trends that¬†she came across at this years Pubcon Austin: Google is now using more advance methods to indicate your location than simply having the user input it manually, 74% of people will abandon a mobile site that takes more than 5 seconds to load, and display ad spend surpasses search this year. Check out more marketing stats in this blog.
  • The SEO Industry is Worth $65 Billion; Will It Ever Stop Growing? by Jayson DeMers
    • Although this may only be an estimation, there is no doubt that SEO is growing at an exponential rate and it’s here to stay. Jayson discusses the factors for this perpetual SEO growth and factors that may result into a halt or decline. What side do you fall into the spectrum of SEO growth?
  • Search Marketing in China: The Rise of so.com by Jim Yu
    • Everyone believes that Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine, but take a look at this new site that might be changing the traditional ways. The site is called So.com. Look at the new ways that we can use SEO in China!
  • Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Boost has Rolled out by Barry Schwartz
    • Google has now rolled out the next version of mobile friendly updates¬†that are supposed to increase mobile-friendly ranking signals. Read more from Barry about the newest innovations of Google’s mobile friendly algorithms!

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