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With Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, I’m sure many of you are excited for the extra day of rest and relaxation ahead. But before we jump into the weekend, here is our weekly industry round-up: it’s all Google for this week’s post, with exciting news and updates on search ads, review extensions, Google Analytics, and even Google Assistant. Happy Friday!

  • Google is Sunsetting AdWords Review Extensions by Ginny Marvin
    • “Review extensions will no longer show with ads starting January 2018. In February 2018, review extensions will be deleted along with their performance data”. This snippet comes directly from Google, who announced that Review extensions will cease to exist come February. Review extensions launched in 2013, but due to how difficult they were to get approved, they were not utilized all that often. Let us know about your experience with Review extensions and whether you are sad to see them go or if it is about time.
  • How the Latest Google Analytics Updates Will Benefit Marketers by Clark Boyd
    • In this detailed piece on the recent updates to Google Analytics, Clark provides in-depth explanations for all the changes, while also offering insight into how marketers can best use these new features. These updates include more insight into user-level behavior, a revamp of User Explorer for lifetime metrics and dimensions, Audience Reporting, and most excitingly, Conversion Probability. Check it out!
  • Google to Publishers: Optimize Your Content for Google Assistant by Matt Southern
    • US Podcast, recipe, and news publishers who have invested in either AMP or structured data markup will have received a notification recently in their Google Search Console prompting them to claim their directory pages. Claiming directory pages allows owners to edit, unpublish, and choose how much is surfaced by Google Assistant. This has come in response to Google Assistant “Actions”, which was a feature recently developed for users to discover content from publishers by asking their Google Assistant. For more insight into what this means, be sure to check out Matt’s piece.
  • Google Removes Addiction Treatment Ads from UK Search Results by Susan Wenograd
    • Following an investigation run by The Sunday Times on the ongoing issue of “patient brokering”—a practice in which middlemen bid on the same terms as private centers where the searchers are ultimately referred to—Google has removed search ads related to addiction treatment in the UK. Patient brokering is illegal in the US, but not in the UK, where high commissions are being paid out to these referral agents leading to an increase in cost of care. These referral payments then allow the agents to continue paying the expensive cost per click in the addiction category and continue this “patient brokering”. This is a clear-cut example of how some individuals abuse search engine marketing. Do you think Google made the right call in removing addiction treatment ads in the UK?

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