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Happy Friday! As another week draws to a close, we have another industry round-up for you. Under the spotlight this week for Google is an introduction to Google’s new RLSA feature “Similar Audiences” and some interesting Q1 data insights for the Google Display Network .
Also featured this week: a look into the prospective future of SEO and how to utilize psychology to your advantage when writing your PPC copy.

  • Google AdWords Introduces Remarketing Lists for Search Ads by Matt Southern
    • “Similar Audiences” is rolling out for Search and Shopping campaigns in AdWords, giving advertisers the ability to target customers who are looking for the same things as existing customers, even if they’re not in their remarketing lists.
  • 3 Predictions About the Future of SEO by Ryan Shelley
    • Ever wondered what search is going to look like down the line? Ryan shares his predictions for the future of SEO which include growing importance in user experience, accelerated mobile pages, and AI.
  • Study: Q1 Google Display Network Placements by Ted Ives
    • If you’re currently running ads on the Google Display Network, then you might want to give this a read. With data collected by SEMCopilot, a PPC account managing software, Ted dives into which categories performed best and worst in Q1 on the GDN.
  • The Psychology of Language for Paid Search by Tereza Litsa
    • When it comes to PPC copy, delivering your message effectively is key—but this is often much easier said than done. If you’re interested in the impact psychological concepts like serial position effect and social proof might have on your ad copy, then be sure to give this a read.

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