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Happy Friday! The biggest news this week comes from Bing and their decision to end all support on their standard text ads. Also included in this week’s round-up are tips and trends to look out for in the realms of voice search, Google My Business, and featured snippets to ensure you’re staying on top of your SEO game.

  • Bing to Kill Support for Standard Text Ads on July 31, 2017 by Matt Southern
    • As of July 31, Bing Ads will no longer be supporting standard text ads (STAs). Advertisers will lose the ability to create new STAs or edit existing ones; however, there is one exception to the rule—STAs created before July 31 will continue to be displayed along with expanded text ads.
  • What Does Voice Search Mean for Your Local SEO Strategy? by Chris Camps
    • It’s no secret that voice search is growing, but what does this mean for search marketers and search traffic? More searches with local intent, more searches on mobile, and more searches using ‘natural language’ are a few of the trends Chris Camps states will occur. Follow the link for more insight into what voice search might mean for you.
  • 3 Tactics We’re Using for Answer Boxes by Brian Patterson
    • Being in Position 1 on SERPs is great, but what if you could show up one position higher than that? “Position 0” is real and it comes in the form of an answer box, otherwise known as a “featured snippet”. Check out Brian’s article for an in-depth look at what it takes to reach the holy grail in organic search rankings.
  • How to Optimize Google My Business Listings for Multi-Location Businesses by Chris Camps
    • In any local SEO strategy, being listed on Google My Business (GMB) is vital, but many businesses are often penalized in search rankings due to having multiple locations. Find out how to prevent your business from being hindered with Chris’ step-by-step guide.

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