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This week we’ve got you covered in the latest trends in the digital marketing world, along with new additions to Bing and Google.

  • 3 Upcoming Trends in Paid Search by Mona Elesseily
    • With Google’s recent update to remove right-rail ads, this article discusses more upcoming trends and possible directions they may lead to. Some include the rising use of Google Shopping where results could potentially be localized and expand into displaying ads in image searches. Another trend focuses on more users utilizing voice search and how digital personal assistants are picking up on natural language to understand behaviors in different contexts. Lastly, they look into expanding app advertising, where users will be able to see and engage with app content without even downloading the app onto their mobile devices.
  • Bing Ads Testing Social Extensions: Link Search Ads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr by Ginny Marvin
    • Now, Bing Ads is testing Social Extensions. Businesses will be able to add in their social media accounts that will appear under the ad copy of text ads. This will in hope help customers engage more with the business and allow a quicker connection on the network of their choice with just one search.
  • Google Launches its Giant Mobile Search Ads for Automakers in the US by Ginny Marvin
    • Google has launched its specialized mobile search ads for automotive manufacturers and dealers. It has been highly successful – “Across our core line of car models, we’ve seen a 45-percent increase in conversion events and a 30-percent decrease in CPA compared to standard text ads,” Dionne Colvin-Lovely, director of traditional and new media for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, said in a statement.
  • Three Early Results of Google Removing Right-Hand Side Ads by Jason Tabeling
    • I am sure that many people are curious with the affects of removing all paid search ads from the right-hand side on Google. This article talks about the 3 impacts that have been found from the past month: inventory is down, traffic has shifted, and CTRs and CPCs are down. Jason gives a more in-depth outline of what this all means.
  • Three Recent Changes to Google Shopping You Need to be Aware of by Jennifer Johnstone
    • Google has been constantly changing their results pages format recently, and Jennifer Johnstone breaks down 3 new changes to Google Shopping that could be impacting you. From PLAs getting more third party traffic to adding in ranked PLAs in key searches, this article helps to understand the reasons behind all these changes from Google.

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