PPC Hero Conf 2014 Top Takeaways

PPC Hero @ppchero and Hanapin Marketing @Hanapin hosted their 3rd Annual Hero Conf. 2014 in Austin, Texas on April 28th-29th where the number of attendees working with Pay Per Click doubled from last year with a full house of 400 professionals! This 2 day conference proved to be full of valuable ways PPC users can utilize their markets and provided me with the most up to date strategies that this kind of fast past industry is seeing. With more than 40 in-depth speaking sessions from 65 digital marketing experts, from all industries (e-commerce, lead gen, b2b, b2c) there was more than enough to share, like, and learn!

So what was the buzz:

  • Relevance leads to Conversions — Driving traffic isn’t the problem. Our goal as marketers is to deliver what customers want, to achieve customer sanctification resulting in engagement. This means test your landing pages! Clicks are only the first part of the analysis. (Bryan Eisenberg @TheGrok)
  • It’s all about the Buyer Journey — As marketers, we must remember that we are the ones in the power to convey the story, and address the lifetime value that a customer/business/comment can make towards that final conversions. And that ultimately the buyer is lazy! (Kim Lincoln @kimmlincoln)
  • Reporting the Data — When it comes to communicating all the metrics we are measuring its good to remember to simplify the story and keep the visualization understandable. (Chris Haleua @chrishaleua)
    These 5 base tips are a great reminder to ensure simplicity:
  1. NEVER Make the Client do the Math
  2. Bar > Pie¬† — with no more than 5 segments
  3. No more than 4 lines in a graph
  4. Highlight the key data/metric (2-3 colors tops!)
  5. Be sure your including: Narrative, Visuals, and Data
    **To sum it up: before you speak or email – “THINK – Is it…True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?” (Samir Patel @meetsamir)
  • AdCopy A/B testing — PPC managers are analyzers, but we are also content writers – Be sure to address Persona in an ad: 1) the who (name), 2) what (target demographic), 3) feature, and 4) benefit.
    Great resources for how to address the right persona include: US census, Customer Reviews, Facebook, Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, Lexicons (Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo)
  • Facebook — “It already controls 17.5% of the global mobile ad market and expected to grow to 21% next year!”¬†Learn about the impact of Facebook Ads: When There is a Will There is a Way by #HeroConf speaker and Point It Director of Strategy Ian Mackie @point_it
    **Importing phone #’s and emails creates great targeted list and a great place to start is by importing your LinkedIn connections!

Be sure to checkout what was exactly shared: Session Presentations or on Twitter: #heroconf

Point It may be a small agency, but our team had a great time networking and representing Seattle and the Northwest in the heart of Austin, Texas – It’s true what they say, everything is larger than life and the Jenga there was just one example!

Hero Conf 2014
Point It Team (left to right): Lin Wilson (me), Phu Bui, Maddie Cary, Erica Louderback, Katya Bokach, and Lisa Sanner (in front, who happened to win the $1,000 HeroConf award!!)

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