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There are lots of great PPC industry leaders who can help spark your curiosity and keep you one step ahead when it comes to new features, tools, and innovative ways to approach paid search. While I was grateful to make the rankings of ppchero’s 2016 Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts, I am continuously learning and growing because of so many great (and vocal!) PPC specialists. Below are some of the PPC Industry Leaders who inspire me most (outside of the amazing thought leaders here at Point It…shameless plug, I don’t care!), categorized by why they inspire me:

Erin Sagin & Mark IrvineGreat Data, Bigger Laughs

CaptureErin and Mark are your go-to people when you not only want some really intriguing data to back new ideas (which they have lots of access to when looking across a vast portfolio of clients using Wordstream), but also when you don’t want to take things too seriously. Their cleverness, sensibility, and great sense of humor shine through in every blog post they write, tweet they post, or conference presentation they give. Definitely check out everything they share for interesting perspectives backed by lots of smart data analysis.

Kirk Williams & Susan WenogradShopping Campaign Pros

photo 2New to setting up Shopping campaigns? Trying to figure out the best methodology at scale? Don’t understand how campaign “priority” comes into play? Oh, and you need to figure this out quickly to achieve a positive ROI? Kirk and Susan are your best resources. They’re incredibly detailed & in the weeds, plus have great approaches to explaining the complicated pieces of Shopping set-up in a way you can wrap your head around. They are the first people I direct our team to when they need a solid, experienced content to comb through for PLA tips & tricks.

Frederick Vallaeys & Steve HammerObsessed with Scripts

photo 3They are people who love scripts, and then there are people who are OBSESSED with scripts. Frederick and Steve are the latter. If you want to learn how to go from script copy/pasting to writing your own, these two gentleman have the know-how to help you get there. Both have made regular appearances on the SMX circuit in the last 2 years to share their script obsession, to help you move from 101 to advanced in no time.

Aaron Levy & Ginny MarvinAlways Ahead of the Curve

photo 4When I think of who I get the newest search updates and changes from, as well as who is going to be testing them right out the gate and sharing how they actually perform, I think of Ginny and Aaron. Ginny gets the latest & greatest to all of us search-engine marketers via her regular posts & updates on SearchEngineLand. Her posts are well summarized, actionable, and focused to get you what exactly you need to know and cut through the news noise. And want to know what real impact some of those changes or updates have? Aaron has got you covered, writing some of the best breakdowns of industry change impacts I’ve read in his posts for Elite SEM.

Julie Bacchini & Mel MackeyCalling it Like They See It

photo 5Problem in the UI? Platform or tool not working correctly. I guarantee you either Julie or Mel will call it out on Twitter before you even get a chance to send an email to your rep. These two women are on top of it, and never hesitate to point out what should be improved so that search marketers can do the best at their jobs. Their criticisms, recommendations, and forward-thinking make them not only a hoot to follow on Twitter, but bonified trusted PPC experts.

John Lee & Bryant GarvinAsking The Tough Questions

photo 6Where is the future of advertising going? Why are some companies so horrible at mobile? Why do Google, Bing, or Yahoo Gemini do things the way they do? These are the kind of conversations I’ve sat down and had with John & Bryant, and have come out the other side smarter because of their ability to break down the issues and ask the tough questions. No stone is left unturned, no angle unapproached. They challenge search marketers to go deeper and demand more of their tools and platforms, and ponder the future of the industry they’ve been apart of for many years. They are the constant quizzers, the dreamers, and the challengers we need — and they write & present great content that illustrates their innovative approaches to PPC!

Amy Bishop & Matt UmbroMaking PPC Management Easier

photo 7At the end of the day, we all want to work smarter, not harder. Amy and Matt can help you do that! Amy has heaps of tricks up her sleeve to help you tackle creating dashboards, scaling campaign builds, or setting up smarter reporting in Excel that will save you hours of time! She’s constantly looking for ways to lead account managers to smarter, more timely account management. Matt takes a similar approach to his paid search philosophy, so much so he actually built a community on Twitter called #ppcchat, a place where we can all save a lot of time by coming together and sharing our questions and thoughts on PPC! These two will help you maintain your sanity, as well as find a shared place to do things faster & better!

Who inspires you in the PPC industry?

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Maddie Cary is the Director of Paid Search at Point It Digital Marketing in Seattle. Her role involves overseeing and developing an amazing team of PPC account managers, while also running the Global SEM Program for Point It’s largest client. In 2015, she won the US Search Award for “Young Search Professional”. You can find her speaking & learning at conferences like SMX, HeroConf, & PubCon, or writing posts for the Wordstream blog. Outside of PPC, her biggest loves are her family, friends, and her idol, Queen Beyoncé.

  • These are some of my favorite PPC peeps as well. Great picks, Maddie! Also YOU (Maddie Cary), Katy Tonkin :), Brad Geddes, Larry Kim, Michelle Morgan, James Svoboda, Christi Olson, Chris Haleua.

    August 3, 2016 at 10:29 am

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