Re: Miracle on the Hudson

By now, we’ve likely all heard this miraculous story repeated on the various news sources. By all accounts, this WAS a miracle, except maybe for the unfortunate flock of geese. This morning, as I looked on Google for more information on this story, I typed in “miracle on the hudson” and then “flight 1549” and was very surprised to see a sponsored listing for both queries. Who’s capitalizing on this story you may be asking? Drumroll: US Airways of course! See screenshot below:

Clicking on the Sponsored link takes you to a Press Release (released today at 11am EST) about a ceremony (which took place today)  that honored all individuals involved in the Flight 1549 Miracle.

I definitely tip my hat to the pilots who landed the plane safely, as well as all the folks who made sure the passengers and crew made it to terra firma. But as a Search Marketing Professional, I would like to give props to the PPC folks at US Airways for taking action so quickly and ensuring that the most current information is shared with interested folks (such as myself).

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