PPC Ninja Tools: My Must Have AdWords Scripts

The idea of automating the routine workflow is a hot topic in many industries. Who doesn’t’ like the idea of technology saving you time and allowing you to be more efficient. Paid Search is not an exception. Even though a big portion of paid search efforts can’t be completely automated, AdWords Scripts do definitely help and are handy in my day-to-day PPC routine. Here is my top three list of scripts I am constantly using for account management.

#1 Quality Score Tracker
This script tracks Account, Ad Group and Campaign quality score over time. I found this script to be very useful especially in the situations when your client, say, launches a new site, adds or removes content, but it is also very helpful for a big picture. To start with the script we have to create a spreadsheet first where all data will be put. Once the spreadsheet is created, grab its URL and update SPREADSHEET_URL variable in the QS Tracker Script. The script can be run on a set schedule or on-demand. When it finishes running, you will be able to see QS data at the account, campaign and ad group level within the spreadsheet. This data can then easily be manipulated into pivot tables for reporting and analysis.

QS Tracker image

#2 Auction Insights
Maddie Cary, one of my colleagues, has recently shared Auction Insights script and it is now one of my favorite ones and an absolute must have for all accounts. The script creates visual trend graphs for Auction Insights data. This is useful for anyone who ever sees a sudden spike in CPCs or decrease in Impression Share for a specific Product Category and wants a better way to visually determine what happened.

Auction insights picture

General Instructions:
• Create a new Google Sheet in Google Drive
• Select Tools > Script Editor
• Copy & paste in the Script. Update MM/DD/YY and Currency format to your liking
• Go to your AdWords account, select the Campaigns you want to see Auction Insights data for
• Pull your desired date range, and segment by Month, Week, or Day
• Copy & Paste in your Auction Insight data into Sheet1. Trend graphs should start to be created
• Go back to AdWords account, pull a Campaign report for the same date range, segmenting
by the same time interval as your Auction Insights data
• Copy & Paste in your Campaign report data into Sheet2
• Graphs should be all done generating, and include a trendline for your Avg CPC

For additional information you may consult:
• Article with Instructions: click here
• Also, there’s an error in the script in the original article. Here is the updated version

#3 Ad Performance Tracker
This script creates and sends an advertiser a basic Ad report with data like CTR statistics for Headlines and Destination URLs, as well as a raw count of how many occurrences of each Headline and Destination URL are found in one selected account. This report is very useful for advertisers who like to analyze their ads performance on the regular basis.

Paste this code into the field generated when you hit the “+Create script” button in AdWords. Make sure to add correct email addresses and spreadsheet URL. Once the script is done running you will receive a link to the newly-generated document in your Google Drive containing the Ad Performance Review. The report can also be emailed to one or more recipients.

ad-performance-report pict 3
(Source: AdWords.com)

AdWords scripts are very powerful tools and I encourage every online advertiser to get familiar with and start utilizing in his/her daily routine. In many cases, I found the AW Scripts being time-savers and great helpers in the daily PPC routine. Have you found any other innovative uses for AdWords Scripts? Please share them here.

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