PPC Thoughts: Why Is Google Redesigning AdWords?

Yesterday, Google announced their plan to roll-out a newly redesigned AdWords interface. SearchEngineLand first broke the news of the announcement, citing a welcome change of the 15 year old UI “with an aging facade that looks to be creaking under the weight of hundreds of features accumulated over a decade and a half”.

What did we learn from the new interface sneak peak?

  • The new design is still in its building process, slowly being rolled out over the next 12 – 18 months. The goal is for a new interface to be completely rolled out to all advertisers by end of 2017
  • The design will be simplified, based on Google’s design language Material Design, and include an “Overview” dashboard-like view per campaign
  • The update won’t impact the way campaigns are run or set up, just how data is displayed and navigated

Why is Google redesigning AdWords’ interface? And why now?

  • PPC Thought #1: Google wants PPC marketers to invest in Mobile searchGoogle isn’t going to stop talking about mobile anytime soon. It’s not just a passing, hip trend for them. Google’s ultimate goal is to encourage advertisers to keep investing in the ever-growing mobile search space and understand ad interaction across devices. It’s clear that mobile performance will be its own standout in the redesign. We may even see additional device reporting rolled out with the new UI, with different visualization options to help showcase and interpret mobile results.
  • PPC Thought #2: Google wants to simply complex paid search dataThe current UI has multiple tabs, feature drop downs, and options to segment data. It’s not the clearest cut tool, and it forces beginners to do a lot of trial and error before they find what they’re looking for. Google’s redesign is a solid movement towards simplifying complex data to make it more actionable.
  • PPC Thought #3: Google wants to increase the AdWords adoption rate for SMBsGoogle wants to increase AdWords adoption rate, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). This group, often with more limited budgets & resources, may not see the value in PPC or have the budgets to scale up campaigns. The dashboard-like format and simplified trend charts gives these folks clean views of KPIs at their fingertips without needing more expensive tools to create them.
  • PPC Thought #4: Google is gearing up to compete more directly with third party bid-management toolsAdWords is continuing to evolve in ways that make it appear much more like a third-party bid management tool. Recent changes have made that even clear, such as rebranding AdWords’ Flexible Bid Strategies as Portfolio Bid Strategies or continuing to expand upon what can be done via automated AdWords Scripts. Rolling out an interface that mimics functionalities of a third-party tool allows AdWords to further positioning themselves to compete with the likes of Optmyzr, Acquisio, Marin, Adobe, & more.

What do you think of the soon to come Google AdWords interface changes? Are you pro or con? Share your #ppcthoughts with us on Twitter (@MaddieMarketer & @point_it) or in the comments below!.google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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