Programmatic and Why It Helps Paid Search

With people spending more and more time on multiple devices before converting and purchasing, programmatic display has grown increasingly important to advertisers. Being able to follow a user throughout their conversion path provides an advertiser with beneficial information that could be used to highly target their target audience. If an advertiser has the budget, they should consider investing in programmatic. Why? Well, the answer is simple: data.

From first-party to third-party data, programmatic can leverage data to create highly-targeted audiences based on user intent and conversion paths. There targeted audiences allow us to narrow down to those who are most likely to convert, which is crucial for search marketers. From being able to target a user’s specific devices, to knowing which demographics your target audience is a part of, programmatic has allowed us to leverage this data in ways we haven’t before.

What we learn from the data leveraged from programmatic works wonders in driving our paid search success. We are able to gain better insight into who we should target, where we should target and on what devices to target. We can then gear ad copy to speak to our audiences and bid on the proper keywords that our target audience would likely be searching on. We can also target display audiences with programmatic to gain awareness of new customers. Once we have those customers in the funnel, we can convert on them later in paid search.

Overall, programmatic display is useful in the way in leverages consumer data not only for display, but for paid search, too. After all, target audience data is target audience data, no matter if it’s used in display or in paid search – it’s all useful in getting to know your consumers and the paths they take to convert!

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Erica is a Senior Client Manager at Point It and has been working in paid search and paid social for a total of about 5 1/2 years. When she's not optimizing PPC accounts, she enjoys hanging with her dog, Gunner, hiking, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

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