Promoted at Point It: James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager

Welcome to our new blog series introducing you to some of the talented folks we’ve recently promoted into new positions at Point It. As you can probably tell, we think Point It is a fabulous place to work. Our people are the reason we feel confident telling you that we’re the leaders in digital marketing today: we invest in finding, retaining, and promoting the strongest possible team to serve you. Today, we’d like to introduce James Haagenson, a Programmatic Campaign Manager with Point It, in conversation with our Sr. Manager of Marketing Tim Mohler. James is helping drive forward our programmatic advertising service and also frequently shares his expertise on our blog.

TM:  Tell me about your career path at Point It. How has Point It helped you reach your career goals?

James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager

James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager

JH: I started 8 months ago with very little experience in programmatic ad buying from the Microsoft Retail Stores. I had held multiple positions at the Microsoft Stores, most recently as an Operations Manager. I had been looking to move to a job in the Marketing field and a friend recommended I look into Point It. I didn’t know much about programmatic, but I knew that I really enjoyed using Excel and I also enjoy building relationships with customers/clients. Those skills joined with what I could tell was an interesting and rapidly growing industry are what led me to apply. Since then I have immersed myself in learning about the industry and Point It’s unique position on programmatic ad buying. My biggest source of learning was and is through some amazing peers and supervisors and their willingness to let me dive in and get hands on experience. From that experience, I am now training new folks on to our team, cultivating relationships with clients and vendors, and helping set the strategy for our department.

TM:  What inspires you to get great results for your clients?

JH: My favorite part of Point It’s mission statement is the drive to be a “marketing partner”. I enjoy building relationships with our clients and becoming their business partner. This relationship ties our clients’ success with our success and their failures with ours. With those being so closely tied, I strive for great results as it benefits both the client and us!

TM:  What do you love best about your job?

JH: The best thing about working at Point It is the awesome coworkers. We have a great office environment with a bunch of really talented folks (I know its cheesy but its true). Past that, I love how varied my daily tasks are. One day I might be talking to clients, and the next day I get to crunch data and dive deep into Excel. Every day is different which keeps me from being bored. For example, we gather immense amounts of data about our clients’ campaigns. Our challenge is to shape and slice the data so that it is digestible for our clients. Finding meaning in thousands of lines of excel data is a challenge, but I enjoy the art of crafting it and whittling it into actionable insights for our team and the client.

TM:  How would someone go about doing what you do?

JH: Be willing to learn! There are so few people that know how to do this Programmatic Marketing thing because it is so new. Find blogs and news sites like Ad Exchanger and Media Post to learn more; research companies like theTradeDesk who provide online trainings, or check out our Programmatic Display Micro-lessons! Having a willingness to learn and the ability to think analytically are the most important things in this quickly advancing field.


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Tim Mohler is a cross-channel marketer, developing digital, social, and content marketing campaigns for Point It Digital Marketing. He believes brands should engage consumers in unexpected ways, adding value while creating measurable results. He has an MBA in marketing and finance, and a decade of experience promoting Fortune 500 brands across industries including travel, technology, retail, media, banking, and QSR's. He also serves as VP of Partnerships for the Puget Sound American Marketing Association.

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