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In our Point It’s Top Talent blog series, we’re proud to introduce you to some of the super-skilled folks we’ve recently promoted into new positions at Point It. As you can probably tell, we think Point It is a fabulous place to work. Our people are the reason we feel confident telling you that we’re the leaders in digital marketing today: we invest in finding, retaining, and promoting the strongest possible team to serve you. Today, we’d like to introduce Sarah Kraynik, freshly-minted Account Director with Point It, in conversation with our Sr. Manager of Marketing Tim Mohler. As well as managing some of our top accounts, Sarah is behind the launch of our Shopping Feed Management service and a frequent blog  contributor.

TM:  Tell me about your career path at Point It. How has Point It helped you reach your career goals?

Sarah Kraynik

Sarah Kraynik, Account Director

SK:   I Started out as an ACM in 2013, and was promoted up through the ranks to Client Manager, Sr. Client Manager, and finally Account Director. I was given the opportunity to manage a team, which has been a significant career goal for me. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on another goal of mine, strengthening my broader Digital Marketing skillset by working on the social and programmatic display teams over the past four years.

TM:  What inspires you to get great results for your clients?

SK: I like creating partnerships with my clients and I’ll do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals. In large part, that’s because I find both the job and the relationship management personally rewarding.

TM:  What do you love best about your job?

SK: I really enjoy working in a rapidly changing industry. The dynamic nature of digital marketing today, and ad tech in particular provides a great set of challenges to navigate and hone my skills. I also love the people here at Point It. It’s great working with such a passionate, talented team.

TM:  How would someone go about doing what you do?

SK: Always work on your client facing skills set, and everything that comes with that. Those are the most important elements for an Account Director. It’s also important to always keep pushing yourself beyond your level of comfort and look for new ways to challenge yourself.

What's Next?

Looking to join an awesome team? If you’d like Sarah to be one of your new co-workers, how about applying for a role with us? Check out our Careers page for more details!

Tim Mohler About the author

Tim Mohler is a cross-channel marketer, developing digital, social, and content marketing campaigns for Point It Digital Marketing. He believes brands should engage consumers in unexpected ways, adding value while creating measurable results. He has an MBA in marketing and finance, and a decade of experience promoting Fortune 500 brands across industries including travel, technology, retail, media, banking, and QSR's. He also serves as VP of Partnerships for the Puget Sound American Marketing Association.

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