Providing Feedback Using Screenshots

As we work on creative and digital projects, gathering feedback is one of the most important aspects of our job. While meetings, phone calls and emails can work, taking a screenshot and annotating feedback on the image is often a more accurate and meaningful way to gather input and provide it to our design team.

Using screenshots to provide feedback is incredibly helpful when describing misalignment in a design, a flaw in code (particularly when it is browser-specific), or any other change request that may come about. Rather than trying to describe what is happening, or not happening, with words, using images to grab a snapshot of the issue, and annotations to indicate the exact location of the change, can help to reduce frustration and save time.

While there are standard screenshot tools built in to Macs and PCs, there are many other free tools with enhanced annotation functionality. Below is a list of our favorites—go ahead and try one out today!


PicPick is a screen capture tool available only on PCs. Users have the ability to annotate their screen shots with arrows, text-based notes, and hand written illustrations. PicPick has an easy to use interface with customizable settings and a considerable amount of options for a free tool.

Skitch by Evernote

Sharing screenshots and annotations with colleagues is easy with Skitch by Evernote. Available for PC, Mac, and Mobile, Skitch allows users to annotate their screenshots with shapes, arrows and sketches. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or a mobile device, Skitch is a great tool for gathering and sharing feedback.


TinyGrab is great for just the basics-taking a screenshot. Compatible with PC, Mac, and iPhone, TinyGrab’s automatic image uploading and keyboard shortcuts make it quick and simple to provide feedback.


Nimbus Screenshot

Downloadable as a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox, Nimbus Screenshot lets users take full page screen shots within the browser window. Add annotations, arrows, stickers and even crop your screenshot with this tool. Add Nimbus Screenshot to your menu bar or use keyboard shortcuts to grab the shot you need.

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