Remodista’s Women to Watch 2016: An Interview with Maureen Jann

Editor’s Note: Our employees are the heart of our organization.  When they are recognized, we want to make sure that you get an opportunity to understand how they are impacting the marketing industry.  In this case, Maureen Jann, our Director of Marketing was recognized as a “Woman to Watch” by Remodista.

Remodista is a social think-tank examining disruption in the global retail industry. The Women to Watch List of Women Influencers for retailers and service providers is comprised of 80 women leaders who are solving business problems in the areas of operations, marketing, commerce, supply chain, logistics, and globalization. If you know her, you’ll know that she’s one of the hardest working marketers in the in-house marketing business. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know here better.

Tell me a little about what you do for Point It:

I am charged with growing Point It’s in-house marketing department.  Ultimately, I market to marketers about marketing.  It’s all very meta.  The upshot is that I build the marketing strategy, drive content creation, cultivate local partnerships and work with my talented colleagues to put it all out into the world.  I’ve been here since last November and have had the pleasure of watching our little department put some solid marketing methodology to use in order to drive new customers through our funnel.

What does it mean to you to be listed on the Women to Watch List of Women Influencers?

First and foremost, it’s an honor to be in such incredible company. The women I’m listed with are incredible powerhouses and I can’t help but think that it would be an honor just to be able to talk to those women. Personally, however, it feels like another step on the larger journey towards building confidence, owning my skills and being recognized for many years of hard work.  It’s exciting to be included in a community that celebrates strong leadership skills and creative problem solving.

What would you tell other people interested in following in your footsteps?

The best advice I can give is to show up.  Show up physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve goals.  Show up when you need to work that extra hour to meet a deadline, show up for your family when they need the extra hour, show up for your employees when they need the extra hour.  When you commit to something, work hard show up and bring your best self to the table.  If you don’t show up, opportunity won’t be able to find you.

What’s next?

Remodista is a content partner of ours.  We’ve had the pleasure collaborating on a webinar on the topic of the mobile retail shift.  Watch our OnDemand webinar: Mobile Madness – Micro-moments and Mobile Conversions

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