Search Engine Optimization 101 in an Hour

An hour is hardly enough time to scratch the surface of search engine optimization (SEO) basics. So we’ve put together a webinar to provide an overview that we hope gets you comfortable with taking the first few steps.

Starting an SEO project can be confusing – where to start? What do all the terms mean? First it starts with an understanding of the role of SEO in online marketing plans. Should you start with pay per click or just how deep should SEO efforts go? A solid understanding of the basics provides the confidence needed to dig further.

In this webinar we provide an overview of SEO in the search marketing landscape. Best practices for developing and focusing keyword research is offered. Next we focus on crucial on-page factors you need to be aware of and offer tips. Three off-page factors are discussed with guidance is provided on what it takes to start your SEO project. We also point in the direction of key resources and include an appendices of additional helpful tips.

SEO 101 Webinar

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