Search Network Stats Now Available!

I don’t know about you, but this new one from the big G, makes me so happy, I had to stand up and applaud. Finally!! After years of asking for transparency in search network metrics versus, Google listened. This rocks! I’ve already turned off Search Network for two campaigns. Look at your campaign metrics, I bet you’ll find a few too.

If you don’t know what I’m all excited about… read more below

From Inside AdWords:

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve changed the way your Campaign Summary and Ad Group Summary pages present statistics in order to give you additional level of detail into your campaign performance. Previously, these pages divided statistics into two categories: search, which included Google and search partners, and the content network.

Now, we show one set of statistics for Google and another set aggregating search partner performance. Search partners include AOL,, and many other search sites around the web. You can view ad group or campaign performance at a summary level, or broken down by different combinations of Google, our search partners, and our content network. Additionally, separate Google and aggregate search partner statistics will soon be available in the Report Center.

(Click the image for a full-size version)
We hope that this additional level of detail will help you better achieve your advertising goals.
For more information, please visit the AdWords Help Center.

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