Single Word Phrase Matches

Is there any reason to buy single word phrase matches on Google? I think I had this discussion a few weeks ago with my colleagues (it’s a blur) and believe the answer was Yes, because of Google’s expanded match. Can someone please confirm?

So if I’m buying “whales”, my ad should show on “0rca whales” but not “orca pods” that Google may map my ad to because of behaviorial history. Correct?

If I want to clean up my expanded matching/search queries and not have to add a list of negatives a mile long, should I delete broad matches of single words but keep all the phrase matches?

=====two weeks later….
So I did confirm this with Google.  Buying a phrase match of a single word is like buying the broad match of yesteryear, no behaviorial expanded advanced matching.  If you do buy single KWs and want to tighten up your mapping of searches, buy them as a phrase, not a broad match.

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