Small but Mighty: 3 Reasons Why Search Query Reports Matter

Search Query reports. A tedious and monotonous task that many searchers sometimes overlook. Nevertheless, SQRs can be just as important as any other optimization made, arguably one of the most crucial. Next time you feel yourself resenting those SQRs, remember these top 3 reasons why they can single-handedly save you hundreds in your accounts:

  1. Fewer Wasted Clicks, Higher CTR

First and foremost, adding in negative keywords allows quality score to improve and prevent irrelevant searches from matching to your ads. You’re able to pinpoint your user by fencing off keywords that aren’t related to your product, and focus on targeting the users that are searching for your company. It saves time for the user and it saves you money. The more relevant the keyword, the more likely the user will click through your ad.

  1. Keyword Expansion, Ad Group Fencing

Looking into search query reports can help you create your negatives list, but it can also broaden your overall keyword lists. By seeing what users are searching for, it can help you brainstorm different keywords that you may have not thought of on your own. Also, by adding in negative keywords that are standard keywords in other ad groups or campaigns, allows you to better funnel users to your wanted ad. For example, an insurance company could have two campaigns, one for car insurance and the other for home insurance. By adding in the negative keyword, “car” into the home campaign, we can make sure that no one searching for “car insurance” will be shown home insurance ads. It allows you to control the flow of traffic, and again show more relevant ads to the user.

  1. Don’t Forget About Location and Placements!

Going beyond adding in negative keywords to your search campaigns, we can also add in location targeting exclusions and negative placements in display campaigns! Excluding locations can be great to use when a product isn’t sold in a certain area or when a special promotion is only eligible in targeted regions. Additionally, adding negative web pages to your display campaigns is equally, if not more important. Just like you would add in negative keywords for searches, adding in negative placements allows you to exclude certain websites to your ads. Display ads have an even broader scope of sites to show their ads, and so by adding in negative placements it can help, again, funnel and pinpoint your exact user and the sites he/she may be on.


Although this task can be time consuming, there are countless reasons why SQRs are so vital to a healthy account. The task of negative keywords will never be done, and as daunting as that sounds, it’s necessary to try and refine our searches. After all there are over 3.5 billion searches conducted in a day, with half of them never have been searched before. It’s a task that should always be a top priority!

Mindy Kim
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