SMX Advanced 2016 Recap

ezgif-3010064414I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – I love that Search Engine Land brings the conference love to my backyard and SMX Advanced pops up in Seattle every year, just as the sun is starting to shine in the summer and allowing us Seattlelites to say “see, it’s not ALWAYS raining.” The show this year was great, with some really awesome content, speakers and a great lineup of vendors at the Expo hall.

However, the main reason I went was for the sessions, eagerly ready to be a sponge of SEM knowledge and soak up everything I possibly could. Looking back now, I think I accomplished my mission because I walked away with a To-Do list of “look into x, try out y, how do i setup z”. Most of these tasks fall into a couple different buckets.



Retargeting, remarrying, same thing #autocorrectfail #butgreatcontent

One of the frustrations I’ve been having lately is about how well some of my remarketing campaigns are doing and why can’t I spend more there? I add bid modifiers, try out new audiences, all of it – but it just doesn’t move the needle as much as I wish it would. Then Steve Hammer made a great point – want to scale your remarketing? Do more of what’s driving it! Build those audiences, feed the top of the funnel because that’s the best way to feel your remarketing pools.

Go Back To Basics

Brad Geddes gave a really informative presentation on quality score that really resonated with me. Why did it resonate with me? Because working with multiple clients, on different accounts, with different challenges, etc. I don’t do a good enough job of just stepping back and thinking about the basics. How does my QS look? What can I do to focus on increasing QS or increasing CTR? It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of everything, but this inspired me to take a step back and look at the building blocks of my accounts.


The Bing Ads Gods heard all of us Mac users and did us a solid. *insert praising hands emoji*

Another “Year Of Mobile”

I know, we’ve all heard that “this is the year of mobile” for the past 3 years or so? Well, its annoying, but it’s true. More and more people are shopping on their mobile devices, researching on their mobile devices and we need to get infront of them. Mobile devices are part of the journey a searcher takes to get to the actual point of conversion, maybe they’re comparing prices, maybe they’re doing research on different models – whatever the story is, we need to get infront of them and we need to get infront of them FAST.

Speaking of mobile, our Director of Paid Search gave a great presentation on Mobile at SMX Advanced and if you liked it – sign up for her upcoming webinar “Going Global: Expanding into International PPC”. Maddie will be talking about how to not only expand into international markets, but most importantly, how to do it right.

Overall, it was a great conference. I personally go into conferences with the full expectation of knowing that I won’t hear something I’ve never heard before (other than BAE on Mac), but it’s mostly to hear how people are using different settings, campaign types, bidding strategies, etc. There’s a TON of brilliant SEMers out there, I just want to pick their brains and find out “how are you using this?”



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