SMX Advanced Takes Seattle, again

What’s arguably becoming the premier industry trade show landed in our fair city yesterday and we greeted the world with, what else…showers!  Why Seattle? I spoke with Sean Moriarty from Third Door Media yesterday and he said Danny Sullivan did not hesitate when picking Seattle prior to last year’s show. With Google, Microsoft and a slew of world beating high tech and ecommerce companies, not to mention some up and coming search marketing companies, Seattle was a no brainer. The venue? That might be a brainer. Although the Bell Harbor Int’l Convention Center is all about location on the waterfront; size and layout are not ideal. Each session is on another floor of the building and the show sold out quickly; leaving money on the table for Third Door.  They had considered the Seattle Convention Center, but I think they made the right decision. This show is about quality not quantity and that was evident from the speakers, sessions, attendees and grilled salmon. Even the Wifi worked throughout the building, a constant source of frustration at most SES events.

If you’ve attended sessions, please post notes here.  Jon

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  • Lisa

    I agree. It’s a well done show. The sessions I went to were interesting, thought provoking, and panelists seemed willing to open up and share knowledge, not canned company advertisements. The mechanics and layout of the building could be better, but the content was very good. Maybe I should go to an international one just for comparison? 🙂

    June 4, 2008 at 5:58 am

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