How To Surprise Your Valentine with this Sweet Move on Google Home or Alexa and Spotify

I’m taking a break from our usual marketing blog post, cos this is cool (at least, I think so!)

I wanted to do something creative for Valentine’s Day this year, something different than the usual flowers. My wife, Patti, loves surprises, and earlier this week I came up with a beauty. All you need is Google Home or Alexa and a Spotify account that you share with your loved one.

Here’s what I did.

I created a playlist on Spotify called “Frank Loves Patti” (sorry if that’s a bit too lovey-dovey for some readers but hey, this is Authentic), and then I added one Love Song.

On the first day, I texted my wife, asked her to sit on the sofa, relax, then say “OK Google, Play “Frank Loves Patti”.

Boom…on came the song and what a surprise it was for her.

I got a text a few seconds later. She was blown away.

The next day, I added another Love Song to the front of the list.

I texted her, and a few minutes later I got a text back saying how she loved the song, and of course she got to hear the first day’s song too.

Every day from now to Valentine’s Day will be a surprise for her and by then she’ll have 10 Love Songs that mean a lot to both of us.

It’s not too late to get started for this year’s Valentine’s Day, so here are a couple of tips:

  • To get some ideas for songs, Google 100 greatest Love Songs
  • I had to experiment to get a unique name for the playlist to prevent Spotify from picking the wrong one. Our “Frank loves Patti” playlist sometimes resulted in Frank Sinatra being played. In the end, I renamed it to our house number, and while not as romantic as my original choice, it does work every time.
  • I’m sure you could do this with any music service that can be controlled by Google Home or Alexa, just so long as the two of you share the same music account.

OK, you’ve got a few days left to Valentine’s day. Go on, surprise that special person in your life.

And I’ll probably still buy Patti flowers, but this “surprise” daily Love Song is a winner.

Trust me on that.


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