The Best Display Tech: Transparent, Agile and Cooperative

When I take stock of the all of the marketing objectives we are trying to solve for there are a couple of similarities among all of them. The objectives are consumer focused, demand efficiency and measurability, but most of all they require a blend of advertising technologies to successfully achieve the goal.

We go through an extensive decision making process when putting together the right blend of technology partners to solve for a complex marketing problem. These are some of the key criteria:



I could go on for hours about why transparency is critical amongst agencies and ad buying platforms – but I’ll just say this: ROI requires measuring two things accurately, Cost and Revenue. Transparency ensures that we are effectively measuring and controlling cost.

If cost is a variable, then ROI becomes incredibly difficult to use as the efficiency metric it is designed to be. This makes scalable investments beyond challenging not to mention how difficult it is to take any insights/learnings and apply them across channels.



The era of big data requires any programmatic ad buyer to use tech that enables them to be nimble. We have to be able to find the right audience, using the right data partner, serving the right ad unit on the right inventory to be effective and efficient.

Here are some questions we normally ask the platforms we work with:

Can it buy across devices and ad units and also measure all of the touch points along the conversion path?

Can it integrate numerous data sources to inform bid decisioning to reduce waste?

Can it leverage and activate our first party data?

Can it truly control frequency to ensure that we are not over saturating an audience?



Normally, to accomplish the above we need to deploy an Ad Server, Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP). They all need to play nice in the sandbox, support each other and inform each other to reach maximum efficiency and achieve any digital marketing objective.

If the DSP cannot accept tracking from the Ad Server, and the DMP and DSP do not integrate well – we become far more limited in what we can accomplish. Ultimately, we are far less nimble then our goal requires.


One of the big challenges of any agency is transparently blending tech solutions to create the right combination of capabilities to solve for the modern complex, consumer focused marketing objec

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