The Changing Face of Mobile Advertising

A recent “life changing” event happened making me realize that mobile advertising is going to change dramatically.

The event was my purchase of a Samsung Vibrant smartphone. I bought it with a heavy heart because I really, really wanted an iPhone. However, despite the rumors, the iPhone hasn’t come to T-mobile and it was going to be too expensive to switch to AT&T.

The reason for my iPhone lust was of course, because it’s so cool.

Even though AT&T’s coverage has a bad reputation, I was prepared to risk that for the sake of feeling uber-special!

Enter the Vibrant. It’s not an iPhone and it doesn’t have iTunes, but man it is COOL!

I love that darned phone and it’s only been a week. It looks like an iPhone (which helps) yet has a bigger screen.

But most of all my kids love it and they think I’m cool now too (well at least for a couple of days!)

With the Vibrant and the HTC Evo and Incredible, the iPhone’s exclusive claim to coolness is over.

Consumers are catching on and in fact, in Q2 2010, one third of all smartphones sold were Androids.

I predict consumers are going to be very, very happy with these phones and unless Apple can put the iPhone on more carriers, it’s days of dominance are over.

So what does all this mean for mobile advertising?  It’s simple…

Android = Google and that means ads, baby.

It means sophisticated mobile advertising is on its way.  Don’t know when, but I do know where – right to a phone near you.

Might be next year or the year after, but Google is going to own mobile advertising.

Stay tuned.

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