The Elusive Bing Ads Auto Tagging Feature Request

We all know how painful it is – you have thousands of keyword level destination URLs in your Bing Ads account, and you need to append UTM parameters to prevent your traffic from rendering as organic in Google Analytics. For years, marketers have been at the mercy of their own concatenation skills in Excel – appending error-prone parameters to URL strings that became nearly impossible to audit in large accounts. In early 2013, Bizible decided to do something about it, providing a free auto tagging feature for Bing Ads for both your Search ads and keywords:


Bizible was a great workaround – but came with a few drawbacks (including having to provide your account login information.) In a step towards remedying this obstacle, Bing Ads has finally released an auto tagging feature for your ads’ destination URLs (better than nada, and also one of Bing Ad’s most requested features.)

Enabling the auto tagging feature is basic, and is a nice supplement to other functions that make building Search campaigns in Bing Ads less painful – such as the “Import from Google AdWords” feature. Here’s the quick process:

Navigate to the “Accounts & Billing” tab in the Bing Ads UI and check the box “Add UTM tags to my ads’ destination URLs” – from there, you have two options: replace your existing tags or add tags only to ads that don’t have them currently.

Auto Tagging

Replace existing tags: use this option if you want Bing Ads to replace supported UTM tags across all ads in your account. This option will replace values of any manually inserted tags in addition to adding missing UTM parameters.

Replace TagKeep existing tags and add missing parameters: Bing Ads will fill in the blanks, providing a greater level of detail when analyzing Bing traffic in GA.

Replace Tag2Overall, the Bing Ads auto tag feature is a great step forward for Bing, bringing improved functionality and efficiency to the platform (which is needed.) Although keyword level destination URLs are not currently supported, this new tool will dramatically reduce the churn in exporting and importing campaigns from Google AdWords. Ultimately, the more friction that Bing can reduce for marketers concerning working in both AdWords and Bing Ads, the higher the adoption and usage rate for the platform will climb.

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