Top 10 PPC Things I’m Thankful For This Year

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought it would be good timing to give thanks for the bounty of wonders in Paid Search advertising.  Please read the following in standard David Letterman form, with appropriately timed drum rolls, cymbal crashes, and broken glass sounds.

Enjoy the bounty!And now…..the Top 10 PPC Things I Am Thankful for This Year:

#10. Users still actually trust and click on sponsored listings. In fact, more so in 2010 than ever before. Many users are finding relevant high-quality links to their queries (instant or fully typed) in sponsored ads. Thanks to the search engines for keeping standards high and enforcing ad policies.  I really don’t want to sell snake oil for a living nor do I want people to think I do those annoying pop-ups.

#9. Site exclusion for Google Display Network.  Some sites in the adSense network simply suck.  Opting out is a wonderful feeling. Enough said.

#8.  The AWEsome AdWords Editor. For any old timers like me who remember the brainless monkey work that we used to have to do to run copy tests or optimize campaigns thru the AdWords UI, you understand what I’m talking about.  Things that used to take several hours can magically be done in seconds.  Plus more complexity, more control in account architectures. Now if only AdCenter desktop could meet the standards set by AWE, we’d really be running on all cylinders. But you have to acknowledge, AdCenter has definitely made some nice strides this year.

#7. Working Remotely (sometimes). Because most of my job is web-based and I tend to be an over-communicator, I can live the dream of being a multi-tasking mom with a career, thanks to my hard-working, supportive team. I’m especially thankful today as I look out my home office window on 6″ of snow.

#6. Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance.  Competition drives excellence and technology innovation. I’m excited to see what Google and AdCenter will develop in 2011 as a result of fighting for market share points.

#5. Our agency Yahoo rep kept her job.  She’s truly outstanding and didn’t deserve to be replaced due to account consolidation.

#4. Third Party Bid management tools.  Yes, they are only as good as the rules you create and ROI targets you set, but wow, they can perform.  They change bids for you when you are sleeping, eating, exercising, or facebooking. Bonus:  they allow you to spend more of your working time on analysis, testing and strategy.

#3. Conferences like SMX, SES, OMS, PubCon.  Even if you don’t go to these conferences, the amount of live tweeting that comes out of these promote information sharing and knowledge driven progress throughout the industry.  Thank you bloggers – keep blogging and tweeting that coverage.

#2.  Keywords that have quality scores of 8, 9, or 10.  Low cpc’s, high CTR’s, sitelink impressions, product extensions…what’s not to love?

#1. PPC is dynamic.  Not a stagnant, dull, ho-hum industry by any means. Constant learning, testing, new features, new challenges.  I would be soooo bored in other traditional marketing roles.

Seriously.  I’m very grateful I’ve found myself in the right place at the right time and am part of this fun, changing, and challenging industry.

What’s on your list? Social media, mobile, analytics?

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  • Lisa

    Oops. I forget an impt one. Insert #11 or #1 – the Outstanding Smart Funny Caring people I work with. Thanks for making me a better marketer.

    November 25, 2010 at 7:25 am
  • Lisa Sanner

    As I look over this list from last year, I believe many of these still hold true and what I would be thankful for today in 2011.
    #8 and #6: AdCenter has definitely made some great strides this year both in the UI and desktop tool. I’m still waiting for the big growth in taking search market share from Google and still hopeful.

    I would add:
    *New Extensions and ad formats certainly keeps life interesting. Be always testing.
    *Improvements in Device targeting.
    *Outstanding Smart Funny Caring people I work with AND have met through Twitter of all places. (#ppcchat ‘ers I’m talking to you)

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    November 20, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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