Top 3 Tips to Find New Negatives for PLA Campaigns

Negative keywords are no-brainers. But in PLA campaigns, they often are neglected (or not as often optimized).

Negative KWs in PLAs look, behave and are added exactly the same as negatives in your search campaigns. They can be applied on the campaign level or the ad group level. And you can even do your KW research in the exact same ways, too.

So here are my current Top 3 Ways to get yourself a solid set of ROAS growing negatives.

#1 – Search query reports. I’m seeing across the multiple PLAs I manage that I’m getting full (yes, I said full) transparency into what queries my PLAs are serving against.

Small nuance: the query report looks like you are getting full transparency into every impression/click because you see zeros across the board in the “other search terms.” Don’t buy it! This screen shot was from a client who had 6.3M impressions in the last 30 days and the queries that Google shared accounted for around 5M impressions. Clicks don’t line up either by a margin of between 4-10% depending on my PLA client and the time period.

100% Transparency into Queries

#2 – Look at organic search results for your top products and search queries. You can often get a better understanding of upcoming negatives that you might want to consider (like Valentine’s Day as shown below when I pulled results for the query “gift for woman”).

Organic Results_Gift for Woman

#3 – Get Creative. Depending on the product mix in the feed, I’ll use Amazon, Overstock,, Newegg,, etc. for negatives, too. You’ll get more insights into current & predicted upcoming shopping trends, so tie in some of your search campaign KW research, too if you’re an efficiency guru.

No more excuses. Bulk your negatives; bulk your ROAS. But set yourself a reminder to review them because even the best of us can forget!

Allison Danforth About the author

Allison Danforth is a Paid Search Client Manager at Point It. When not knee deep in excel pivots, Allison enjoys kickboxing, wine, and seeing every classic rock god in concert.

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