Top 5 Sessions to Check Out at SMX Advanced 2017


SMX Advanced 2017 is just around the corner, right in Point It’s backyard in Seattle, WA! We’re so excited for a jam-packed agenda filled with great SEO & PPC content and speakers. But which sessions are a must-see? We’ve done some of the deciding work for you. Here are our choices for the top 5 sessions all SMX Advanced attendees should check out.

#1: Taking Audience Targeting to the Next Level

(Tuesday, 6/13: 3:30-4:45PM)Stop just adding audiences as “bid only” and letting them run uncared for in your paid search accounts! Come to this sessions, featuring audience experts like Michelle Morgan and David Szetala, to hear about how to enhance your audience targeting toolbox with option such as demographics, similar audiences, in-market audiences, and CRM data. This group of speakers will give you the kind of actionable insights that’ll make you want to run back to your accounts and completely revamp your audience strategy ASAP!

#2: Paid Search & Social: Twin Children of Different Mothers

(Tues, 6/13: 5:00 – 6:00PM)The title of this session alone should peak your interest. Get a good seat at this session to absorb advanced strategies that allow you to better  coordinate your paid search and social efforts. As social media advertising continues to grow in sophistication and complexity, it’ll be pivotal for paid marketers to sharpen their tool sets in both channels and ensure that insights from both are shared and leveraged in the best possible way.

#3: Maximizing Peformance with AdWords Campaign Drafts & Experiments

(Tues, 6/13: 5:30 – 6:00PM)Stop setting up A/B tests in the same old way in your AdWords accounts. If you haven’t tried or done much with campaign Drafts & Experiments, this is a session you’ve gotta see! Get a detailed education on how to not only set up experiments, but discover how to test variables like bidding to profitability, assess the effectiveness of extensions, and determine which settings are optimal for driving the best results.

#4: SEM Analytics: Giving Your Educated Guesses an Advanced Degree

Wed, 6/14: 1:45 – 3:00PMAll paid media marketers could make better budget and spend decisions if they had a deeper understanding of analytics. During this session, you’ll get a thoughtful overview of how to leverage analytics tools to identify tactics for better decision making, quickly generate dashboards & templates, and navigate data imperfections and ambiguities.

#5: Point It speaker sessions!

  • Katy Tonkin, VP of Digital Strategy
    • Protecting Your Brand in the Era of Fake News (Tues, 6/13, 3:30-4:45PM)
  • Maddie Cary, Director of Paid Search
    • Inside Mobile App Campaigns for Google Play (Wed, 6/14, 2:10 – 2:35PM)
    • Ask the SEMs Panel (Wed, 6/14, 3:15 – 4:15PM)

I know, I know…it’s a shameless plug! But we’re incredibly proud and excited of the content us Pointers have put together to present at SMX Advanced this year!Come see Katy Tonkin (VP of Digital Marketing) present on a hot topic this year — Brand Safety! Katy will be looking across Search, Social, & Programmatic to help advertisers understand what they need to do to control where their online ads are displayed to ultimately protect their brand in the world of fake news.If you’re exploring the world of mobile apps, come see me, Maddie Cary (Director of Paid Search) as I dive deep into the world of AdWords mobile app campaigns for Google Play. We’ll clear the confusing fog of what campaign type makes sense for your mobile app goals, and how you can go from novice to expert in no-time!.google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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Maddie Cary About the author

Maddie Cary is the Director of Paid Search at Point It Digital Marketing in Seattle. Her role involves overseeing and developing an amazing team of PPC account managers, while also running the Global SEM Program for Point It’s largest client. In 2015, she won the US Search Award for “Young Search Professional”. You can find her speaking & learning at conferences like SMX, HeroConf, & PubCon, or writing posts for the Wordstream blog. Outside of PPC, her biggest loves are her family, friends, and her idol, Queen Beyoncé.

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