Display Marketing – Training our Users to Click

It is OK to click on ads.

For so long, we have been taught to beware what we click while browsing the internet. Pop ups and banners would often bring unwanted viruses, malware and tool bars. There are still many traps throughout the internet, however one of the biggest advancements in the past several years is the ads we see. Not only are the ads more compelling and more creative, most are directed right to each individual website visitor. This advancement in ad tech has changed the way we are able to interact with ads on the internet. However we are taught to beware of clicking, consumers are not taking advantage of the advancements.

When I was growing up, most ads would come through the TV, radio or newspaper. Now, most ads I see come from the internet. With this shift to online advertising, advertisers have new ways to interact with their customers. The beauty in clicking on a banner or video is that I am brought directly to the product or information that interests me. Furthermore, through programmatic ad serving, these ads are directed specifically at me and pique my interests.

What this means to us as advertisers is that we must retrain users to know that it is okay to click! The best way to achieve this is by compelling users to click through creative ad units. There will be no universal campaign proclaiming that “Clicks are OK!” and so the only way to teach is by showing great ads that drive clicks and do not end in spam on your computer.

Great ad units to improve your Click Through Rate.

  • Native ad units.
    • These ad units conform to the look and feel of a website so that the ad blends in to the page’s content. These ads can sometimes blend in so well, consumers don’t even realize they are looking at an ad. Check out Triplelift.com for cool company with great examples.
  • Video
    • These seems like a no brainer, but a video combined with a compelling banner can take both your video and standard campaigns to the next level. And with cool tactics, like what the folks at Samba.tv are doing, you can even target cross device from TV to laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.
  • Social Media
    • These could be considered a subgenre of Native ads, but boy do they do well. Although many of these impressions are hard to purchase programmatically, the ads seen scrolling through Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram are well targeted and compelling to click on.

James Haagenson About the author

James Haagenson is a customer-service focused, strategic brand consultant who is focused on the innovative world of programmatic advertising. James started out serving the Seattle software giant in the Microsoft Retail Stores and now he is a Programmatic Campaign Manager on the Programmatic Advertising and Display Team at Point It Digital Marketing. In his current role, he helps clients get maximum business results by offering digital advertising strategies and executing on them. James has a degree in Music Technology and Composition from Seattle Pacific University and enjoys playing in his band, the Castle Dwellers.

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