Upgrading AdWords Location Extensions for Google My Business

What Are Location Extensions?

Location ExtensionsLocation extensions are an important piece to any business that has physical, brick-and-mortar stores. They help you to show your business location information (i.e. address, phone number, map marker, ad text) to users. On mobile, location extensions will also include a directions link to your business. This encourages visitors to your B&M stores and can improve CTRs.

Where Can Location Extensions Show?

Location extensions can show on the Google Search Network on the SERP, Google Search Network Partner Sites (if you are opted in), Google Maps, and mobile devices.

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business

Recently, AdWords consolidated their Google Places for Business and Google+ Local pages into one dashboard called Google My Business. Google My Business aggregates local business information under one dashboard, allowing you to easily update all of your business information on a regular basis, as well as allow you to view the latest information and interaction with your business pages.
Google My BusinessPros of Google My Business: You can now upload more photos; longer introductions can be written for your business; Google Maps information will now sync with the Dashboard, in case some of the information had originally been different.

Cons of Google My Business: Custom categories are no longer supported, so you must choose from the categories available; “payment options,” “additional details,” and “videos” are no longer options and will not appear on the new dashboard, even if you are upgrading to Google My Places (though you can share videos by posting from your Google+ pages).

If you were using Google+ Local, you’ll still be able to manage your pages in the new Google My Business dashboard, including posting, +1, sharing, get insights on how users are finding your business on Google, connect a page to your YouTube account, and host Hangouts.

Important Note: You only need to set up a Google My Business account if you don’t already have a Google+ Local or Google Places account set up. If you had a Google+ Local or Google Places account prior to Google My Business coming out, your account was automatically upgraded to Google My Business. Although the upgrade should have been fairly seamless, I recommend that you still login and ensure all of your business information is showing correctly in the new dashboard.

Upgrading Location Extensions in AdWords
Location ExtensionsUpgrading your location extensions in AdWords is a fairly simple process. The first thing to note is manually added addresses or location extensions will no longer be allowed and when you are upgraded, these will go away (so you do need a Google My Business account if you want to continue showing location extensions). Secondly, automatic upgrades are currently rolling out, though I’d recommend manually upgrading where you can, to ensure that your location extensions are set up the way you’d like them to be. Thirdly, the upgrade, whether automatic or manual, will create account-level location extensions, so if you do not want them to show for specific ad groups or campaigns, you’ll want to adjust accordingly.

Step 1: Link/Upgrade to Your Google My Business Account

  • Navigate to the Location Extensions section and you’ll notice that you can view “Not upgraded” and “Upgraded” location extensions. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Not upgraded.”Not Upgraded
  • Click the red “+ Extension” button.Plus Extension
  • This will prompt you to link your Google My Business account. If your login is different than your AdWords login (which is automatically filled in), then just click “Use a different account” and enter your Google My Business username and password.GMB
  • Once you finish linking the accounts, your business locations may take up to 24 hours to sync. Once they are synced, you can go into your “Not upgraded” location extensions and remove any manually added addresses.

Step 2: Excluding Location Extensions for Specific Campaigns for Ad Groups

  • When you link your Google My Business Account with your AdWords account and upgrade your location extensions, this will create account-level location extensions. If you don’t want location extensions to show for specific campaigns or ad groups, you’ll need to exclude them. Additionally, for any new campaign you create, it will automatically be opted into location extensions, so you’ll need to exclude campaigns/ad groups on an ongoing basis as needed.
  • Click on either the “Campaign extension” or “Ad group extension” button depending on whether you’re wanting to exclude specific campaigns or ad groups. For our example, we’ll say “Campaign extension.”
  • Campaign Ad Group
  • Once you have the level selected, click the red “+Extension” button. Next, select the campaigns you’d like to exclude and click “Done.”
  • Next, select the drop down that says “Use campaign location extension” and change to “Disable location extensions.”Excluding-CampaignsClick “Save” and voilà!

Congratulations! You’ve now upgraded your location extensions, linked your Google My Business Account, set up account-level location extensions, and removed unwanted location extensions from select campaigns and/or ad groups.


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