User Intent: A View Through Display Advertising

Welcome to our new blog series on the importance of user intent. It’s the buzzword in digital marketing today, and with good reason: it’s the source of all relevant and timely digital marketing best practices today.

Our new blog series aims to help you understand what user intent is all about, and why it matters in today’s digital marketing world. You’ll learn from our experts how key service areas inside digital marketing, such as display advertising and SEO, are being directly affected by our current, and ever-evolving, understanding of user intent. Today’s expert is Evan Barocas, Point It’s Director of Display Advertising.

Here’s my take on…

…The importance of user intent in digital marketing:

When we talk about “user intent,” what we’re really saying is that by closely analyzing a person’s online behaviors, we can start to predict when they might be interested in considering a purchase. That, of course, is a big deal for our clients, so we specialize in figuring out how to predict user intent based on online behavior, and activating user intent-related responses in situations where a purchase may be imminent. It’s one of the best ways to add efficiency to your digital marketing efforts.

…How user intent impacts and serves display advertising:

Programmatic ad buying leverages data to make informed bids on a variety of ad inventory, including display ads, video, social, native, and mobile ads. The better the data we use, the better our buying decisions are as a result. Identifying and acting on the intent users are demonstrating on your web properties is normally the best building blog in developing and deploying a programmatic ad buying strategy.

…The future of user intent:

Programmatic ad buying is only getting better at finding new ways to measure user behavior and activate it accurately across multiple devices. As our ability to understand and map user intent grows, our buying decisions will only become more informed and efficient.

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