User Intent: A View Through Paid Search (Part 1)

Welcome to our new blog series on the importance of user intent. It’s the buzzword in digital marketing today, and with good reason: it’s the source of all relevant and timely digital marketing best practices today.

Our new blog series aims to help you understand what user intent is all about, and why it matters in today’s digital marketing world. You’ll learn from our experts how key service areas inside digital marketing, such as display advertising and SEO, are being directly affected by our current, and ever-evolving, understanding of user intent. Today we have part 1 of our look into paid search (also known as Pay-Per-Click, or PPC) with three of Point It’s search marketing experts: Maddie Cary, Lisa Sanner, and Evelyn Baek.

Here’s their take on

…The importance of user intent in digital marketing:

Maddie: User intent is the guiding star of digital marketing. Understanding intent as online users touch different channels (such as PPC, organic search, display advertising, and social) allows us to better craft our campaign targeting and messaging to lead consumers to an end goal. If the strategic planning you’re doing for your online marketing isn’t based in user intent, then it’s not truly valuable and instead likely resembles less measurable traditional marketing tactics like print or TV.

Lisa: Understanding the signals users give us through their actions, and trying to understand and predict their intent, is the foundation for what we all do as digital marketers. Becoming better and more sophisticated at understanding user intent leads us to better results for our clients.

Evelyn: Thinking about user intent should be the foundation of digital marketing when you’re building out your strategy. It’s easy for digital marketing professionals to get swept up in the data and make decisions based off of them without thinking about the human element. Taking it back to why our audience is behaving a certain way is crucial to developing the right marketing strategy and messaging.

…The importance of user intent in paid search:

Maddie: Paid search is about getting ads in front of someone who is already indicating that they’d like to see that ad messaging – by doing a search! We aren’t just blasting people with broadly targeted commercials or hundreds of magazine ad spreads. Instead, we leverage user intent to understand where a person is in their conversion journey. Are they still researching? Are they ready to buy? Are they on the go and need an answer ASAP? Analyzing user intent gives us rich information about the searcher so that we can serve them the right ad at the right time and drive the best results.

Evelyn: We always bring up user intent in one of the first conversations we have when we are developing a new marketing strategy involving paid search. It dictates everything about how we approach the marketing strategy. For example, if your audience trends towards a certain age demographic, that dictates the channels where we’ll focus our marketing budget. We want to be using the social networks that are popular within your intended audience.

Join us in part 2 to learn how paid search impacts the future of user intent!

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