What Search Marketers Could Learn From Manufacturing

Over the last thirty years, there have been great improvements in the world of manufacturing – if only the world of Marketing had adopted the same mentality, we’d be much more effective.

In the 80’s, the Japanese Auto Industry was kicking everyone’s rear end.  Not because of innovation, but because of the quality of their cars.  In fact, it wasn’t just cars, practically anything the Japanese manufactured was far superior than that produced elsewhere.

The mantra quickly became “Total Quality Management” across many sectors of the manufacturing industry and there’s no doubt that the overall quality of products throughout the world benefited.  Sloppy practices were stamped out forever.

I wish I could say the same for marketing but unfortunately “the sins of our fathers” are still today’s marketing sins.

Here are a few that I promise if you take action on, will bring you more leads, sales and cut costs at the same time.

  1. Lousy landing pages.  The car makers would have fixed this problem on day one, yet it’s repeated over and over by marketers. C’mon folks, how hard is it to improve these?  There is a ton of great info on landing page optimization, so there’s no excuse for not doing it.
  2. Uninspiring copywriting.  If I see one more page full of features instead of benefits and emotion, I’ll scream. This is marketing 101.  Yet it’s still done on thousands of sites. Hire a copywriting contractor.  One who has a track record in driving red hot leads.  Trust me, the right person is not your marketing manager, no matter how well he or she writes.  Copywriting is a skill unto itself.  You probably won’t like how a really good copywriter writes and you’ll want to edit it.  Don’t.  These folk know how to use words to bring home the bacon.  Trust them.
  3. Packing web pages full of information.  Have you seen how the “UI” of a car has improved over the years.  Places for cup holders, ipods, GPS devices?  Volume control on the steering wheel, cameras to show where you are reversing the car?  These guys are thinking how to make our experience better.  How about adopting the same approach on your web pages.  You don’t need to cram every detail of your product on the page.  Think carefully about what your customers need and stop overloading them with useless detail.
  4. Careless spending in Adwords.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  The reason Google makes so much money is because of crap advertising.  Even though Adwords has been around for about ten years, I still find elementary mistakes such as excessive use of Broad Match when auditing a prospect’s account.  This is as basic as the automakers using steel that rusts and needs continual replacement.  It’s just pouring money down the drain yet search marketers keep doing it.  Learn to use Phrase/Exact and Negative keywords.  Just stop sending money into Google’s wallet, please.

The main take away from all this is to stop repeating preventable marketing errors.   It’s costing you a fortune, and can be easily eliminated.

Sounds like a good plan for 2011.

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