Why aren’t I getting AMAZING results from my PPC campaigns?

Do you think that awesome PPC performance is hard?  You’re not alone.  There are countless factors that influence success.  You’re in luck, however, because we do this for a living.

Below are a few reasons why you might be struggling with PPC success and some tips for overcoming those challenges!

1. Inconsistency – How many people have managed your accounts in the last year?  If the answer is more than one, it’s likely that there inconsistency in the way your accounts are being handled. Were they reviewing the data regularly and making adjustments?  Are they adjusting budget and reworking creative?  Lacking a consistent digital marketing approach for your PPC accounts is a sure-fire way to leave money on the table.

TAKE ACTION: Integrate a reliable resource into your overall marketing strategy.  This will ensure a consistent and cohesive PPC approach and will end with more conversions.

2. Lack of Strategy – Who is dedicating time to mine your accounts for potential opportunities?  If the answer is no one, you’re going to lose out.  Keeping up with technology, trends and competitors is the difference between “meh” and “WOW” in the paid search arena.

TAKE ACTION: Make sure you have someone who knows the industry in and out at your service.  When you have resources that have in-depth experience with a multitude of paid search challenges you can apply lessons from other industries to reap big rewards.

3. Budget Restrictions – We know this can be a tough one to swallow.  But what if we could tell you that budget restrictions are doing you more harm than good?  Oftentimes the sample size of data from a small, budget restricted paid search campaign strangles both the ability gleen important audience information and get the ROI you’ve been aiming for.

TAKE ACTION:  Break through performance plateaus with additional funds.  The information you gather from the increased traffic will help you make better strategic marketing decisions in other areas of your business.  The chances are good that you’ll also see a nice rise in conversion percentages as well thanks to your ability to test more keyword combinations.

4. Industry Changes – When someone asks you “have you tried X tactic?” have you ever answered “it didn’t work”?  Unless you’ve tried that tactic in the last 6 months, you don’t know whether or not it works.  With search engine changes and rapidly shifting market sophistication, what failed to generate results months ago may be just the ticket today.

TAKE ACTION:  Keep a list of approaches that haven’t worked.  Rotate in a campaign type every six months as a test to ensure that you’re not ruling out viable campaign approaches.

5. Your competitors – Are you making changes to your campaigns to keep up with your competitors?  If the answer is no, it’s likely you’re missing out on big dollars.  Your competitors are shifting bids all day long to ensure their ad is constantly visible.

TAKE ACTION: Work with an expert who can help you automate bidding triggers to create a dynamic account approach that delivers results.


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What other tips and tricks to you use to keep your campaigns at peak performance?  Share them in the comments.

What’s Next?

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