Why Paid Social Media is Worth Your Time

So people have seen your ad, clicked it and ended up on your landing page, but didn’t convert; now what?  Do you give up? It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, right? WRONG! I say that’s baloney. There’s still hope; but you’re going to need some patience. The prospective customer/lead could actually have feelings for you even though they didn’t fully commit. They just need some more time to think about it before they are ready to convert.  What better place to speak with them than at their favorite hang-outs, with all their friends? That’s right; I’m talking about social media. Whether you are B2B or B2C, social ads are a great venue to disseminate useful content and build trust.

These prospects are in the middle of the marketing funnel.  They are doing research and want to be influenced one way or the other.  Searchers in this stage are weighing information about your brand from all sources. Any positive direct or indirect influence a mid-funnel searcher has with your brand could be just the additional momentum it takes to transition from evaluating to buying.  When done correctly social ads are a fantastic way to maintain and build interest because you are just continuing the conversation already happening, and not forcing lifeless commercialized messages smack in the faces of your target audience.

There are a variety of advertising opportunities on social media sites that you can use in combination to deliver an even more personal experience by leveraging the influence of fans you already have.  Now we will take a quick look at what Facebook and Twitter have to offer.


Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are featured right in the users news feed and can be used to promote any post from your business’s page. Photo, video, status updates links to download something; you name it you can probably promote it here. Promoted Posts are powerful because they not only reach people who have liked your page, but also people who are friends of the people who have liked your page. With promoted posts you can expand your reach with precision. For example: a potential widget buyer is currently looking for new widgets; one day while browsing Facebook the potential buyer sees their best friend has commented on and liked your posts highlighting benefits of your new widget! Now you basically have an endorsement from a trusted peer just from promoting this post, and that’s gold!

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are displayed in either the side bar or the news feed and can feature people’s interactions with your posts. Most commonly a “like;” as in “7,3657” people like X Brand. It’s a great way to not only collect likes, but humanize your page as the liker’s friends will see the interaction in their feed. Again, you basically have received the stamp of approval from a person so interesting to your prospect that they choose to follow them on Facebook.


Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets give you a digital megaphone on Twitter. These tweets will be shown to not only your followers but followers similar to your followers. These tweets are also shown at the top of Twitter search result pages if the searcher is looking for something similar content to what you share.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts appear in the users “who to follow” widget and are primarily used to simply gain followers. Promoted accounts will only appear to whomever Twitter’s algorithm deems appropriate. The algorithm looks at additional accounts your subscribers follow and if a new user, not on your list, follows similar accounts they will be suggested to follow your account.

Wrap Up

In the PPC industry it’s not uncommon to hear “social ads aren’t worth it; the ROI isn’t there,” or something to that effect.  And if these naysayers are hoping a Facebook ad will be the first and only click before a conversion, then they are right! There are very few cases when Social Ads would be my first choice; but when done thoughtfully and used in combination with your additional marketing efforts, paid social can help build a relationship that would be beautiful enough for Taylor Swift to write a song about. There are billions pieces of content being shared on Facebook every day, what’s keeping you from joining the conversation?

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