Why Your Facebook Ad or Promoted Post Isn’t Seeing Any Engagement

So you have created a great Facebook Campaign. Your creative is sparkling like a lure, your headline reaches into your target audience’s soul making them question how they ever lived without you, and you can hardly believe Facebook’s estimated reach for painstakingly crafted audience.

So you push the Go Button, kick back and wait for your shares, comments, likes and conversions to roll in. But at the end of the day when you check in on your work you see your actual reach is minuscule compared to what Facebook previously estimated. What’s going on? Below are a couple area’s I check first to resolve reach issues, and two additional often overlooked possibilities to consider.

1.     Budget & Bids

Unlike Adwords or Bing Ads Facebook will not tell you if your campaign is being held back by your budget. You may be hitting your budget too fast restricting your ads for the remainder of the day.I have actually seen cases where a campaign would show almost no signs of life, and when we increased the budgets to levels nearly impossible to reach, the campaign jumped to life while still spending a reasonable amount.

The same thing goes for bids. If you find your ads aren’t gaining much traffic try either incrementally bumping your bids, or switching to an optimized cpm with a target cost per action.

2.     Audience Demographics

Do you know when your audience is online? Are you targeting teenagers that will show physical signs of withdrawal if they don’t check their phone every 17 seconds? Or are you targeting philanthropic business executives who ride motorcycles? Sometimes a little patience is all you need.

4.     Maybe Your Ad or Post Isn’t that Great

Copy and creative are a surprisingly often overlooked areas when diagnosing disappointing results. Always ask yourself “If I saw this ad would it catch my attention, would I really care?” Be honest. If the answer is no, then you need to rethink your message.

5. Saturation

How many different campaigns or promotions are you running for the same target audience? For example maybe you are launching a product and have launched ads featuring the new and exciting product. Not too long after these ads you create more ads announcing an event to celebrate the launch; and then you launch even more ads leading up to the event showcasing the great new features people will be able to experience at the launch. You notice that your most recent ads just don’t pack the same punch as the others, despite posting what should exciting content. You may have over done it. People may just be used to seeing your brand in their feed or on the side and not even bat an eye. Be timely with you messaging and your ads will continue to stay effective.

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