Writing an “About Me” Page

An “About Me” page is a powerful and important part of any business’ website. It allows those who might want to engage you or your company, to actually verify that you have something special, something that sets you apart from all of their other choices. It also gives a quick opportunity for you to prove you are successful, have done this before, and are willing to share enough about yourself to build a relationship, you know, before potential clients start forking over their time or money.

Hook ’em when they’re young, or, rather, don’t let them grow old figuring out why they should care about who you are and what you have to offer. The first part of a decent “About Me” page should include the who, what, where, when, and why, and in your own voice. Think along the lines of “I am, I do, from where, because, with these qualifications, and I can ___ for you.” If you can do this in one paragraph, with a touch of color, you’ve done well … to start with.

Are you willing to meet the people who might hire you? Prove it. Start with at least showing potential clients what you look like. They want to get to know you. That’s why they are visiting this particular page. Show you’re human, you have character, and aren’t one of America’s most wanted criminals or in a witness protection program. A bit of consideration can be taken, though, to align the amount of character you show with the comfort level of your potential client. Also, remember that a picture isn’t the only way you reveal that your human. Write something about what drives you, where your passions lie, and what brought you to this place in your life. I’m not saying write an essay, but highlights are good. A few sentences here can go a long way.

Now, let’s make them a touch more comfortable with doing business with you and putting some time in. Give some examples of the work you’ve done, and, if you have permission to do so, the names of the companies you’ve done business with in the past. This way, if they really want to, they can do a little digging. Just having the option will set a lot of people at ease. Explicit examples of work done are the best. If you can show real stats on improvements made, products delivered, etc…, then the benefit becomes that much more real to the potential client. Now, this section can get a bit dry, so be sure that the most important and exciting items have already been covered.

Stay tuned! In a later post, I’ll cover how to markup the “About Me” page and distribute the information, so that you can take advantage of little goodies like the Google Knowledge Graph.

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