Yahoo Migration to Bing Ads Now Complete in APAC

Yahoo! & Microsoft Search AlianceThe Yahoo Migration over to the Bing Platform is Complete in SE Asia. 

What the heck does that mean? You can now target Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, & Indonesia countries through Bing. Reaching Yahoo users in these countries will be much easier and efficient with the Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance.

Previously, advertisers needed separate accounts with Yahoo! SE Asia, which for those that have worked on the old Yahoo! Panama platform know, it’s not the most intuitive and required different search strategies and tactics for success.


Why Should You Care?

Depending which source you reference, Yahoo! has between a 2.5%-15% market share in SE Asian markets. Yahoo! users are also often a different demographic than Google users. If you combine that 2.5-10% with Bing Ad’s market share, that’s potentially 15%+ market share that advertisers can now access leveraging the Search Alliance. Sometimes more, depending on the vertical.

Don’t forget to consider how to best leverage Yahoo to target mobile users in these markets. Yahoo’s core products like mail, finance, & news are the things users consume on their mobile phones. The mobile team at Yahoo has grown 1000%, indicating strong investment and opportunity. With Yahoo active users up 20% YoY, Yahoo is no longer something to leave out of your digital strategy.

Yahoo CEO, Melissa Mayer herself said growing the Yahoo international presence was a key challenge and opportunity for the ailing company. As Yahoo looks to shift the balance of US revenue share (currently at around 75%) by growing their international presence, advertisers will also reap the benefits. Expect to see new ways to reach new consumers.


When is SE Asia a good fit for your business?

Do you have SaaS that works no matter where users are? Are you looking to reach a new audience, build brand awareness, or find new pockets of traffic to drive demand? If you are in ecommerce, do you have fulfillment channels in these markets? If yes, it might be for you.

Advertisers can also use Google data to help guide analysis. If Google Analytics is set up and the profile is linked to AdWords, look at where your leads, revenue, goal completions come from. If Google Analytics is not set up or AdWords is the primary source of data, leverage the dimensions tab to get more details on user locations.

TIP: If you are selling a product though and don’t have means to fulfill in these markets, you might also want to add them as location negatives just to save yourself any waste (might also want to do that in Google as well!).

What’s next?

Expect to see Hong Kong and Taiwan migrated over in October, just in time for the holidays!

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