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On Monday, we received a message from Yahoo regarding a change to the Terms & Conditions, but without any further detail about what changes occured. The discussion at Search Engine Watch focuses on the OPTIMIZATION section of the T&C’s, and discusses the Ad Optimization Program as if it were the recent change. It’s not. As an agency, we opted out of this program six or seven months ago when it was new, so whatever recent changes were made to this program were modifications to a feature already being used. I agree with the hesitancy to embrace this program, but that is not what this update from Yahoo is about.

For a good overview of changes to the Ts & Cs, see the post on Search Engine Roundtable. As the author points out, some of these formal changes were anticipated.

Something that Yahoo does that you CANNOT opt out of is Ad Profiling. This is something I haven’t seen any effects of, but Yahoo will review your accounts and either (1) turn off very poor performing keywords or (2) send you an email recommending that you turn them off. Either way you’ll be notified, and I see this as helpful, not interfering.

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